Visit Armenia any time and you will be right 
in the middle of unforgettable events, which will
take you back to the culture of ancient civilizations.
The adoption to Christianity was the logical continuation
of the philosophy and culture of their ancestors.

Festivals have unified the nation, abolishing the boarders and bans
within society. Armenian Feast Calendar is like the eternal circle of life–birth,
childhood, youth, maturity and fertility. Isn't it a new experience be the part of the
people, share their customs and joy around the feast table?

- Get acquainted with the myths, legends and wisdom of this sacred land.
- Attend the festivals amongst the historical sites.
- See the cross relationship of picturesque rituals.
- Participate in the folk dances, songs and feast.
- Taste traditional dishes - unique cuisine with its own special flavour.
- Take part in the process of fortune telling.
Winter festivals
Christmas - New Year - Terndez (Presentation of the Temple). Winter festivals symbolise the birth of the Sun - the God and the new life. 
They are dedicated to the praise of the birth and thanksgiving for the warmth and the life.
Spring festivals
Tsaghkazard (Palm Day) - Zatik (Easter) - Hambartsum (Ascension) Spring festivals symbolise the awakening and revealing of the and the Life. They are connected with flowers, trees, and fortune telling with colorful rituals.
Summer festivals
Vardavar (Transfiguration) - Navasard - Astvatsatsin (The Day of Saint Maria)
Summer festivals symbolise the Water and the Love. They signify the eternal love, blessing the fruit and the wines.

Autumn festivals
Surb Khach (Saint Cross) - Targmanchats (Saint Translators) - Barekendan (Shrovetide)
Autumn festivals symbolise the Maturity - the Earth and Universe. They celebrate the knowledge, sacred writings and thank the Earth for its fertility.

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