Armenia is a great symphony of stone, with the 
call of eternity. Experience the thrill of discovering an 
ancient land full of legends, a land of fascinating nature 
and respected traditions. Fall in love with its hospitable people. 
Visit numerous historic monuments that trace the story of this country. 
If you want to have unforgettable time and to see historically rich cultural treasures of Armenia, you must participate at the fiestas with traditional rituals and ceremonies, which come from archaic times to our days. 
Do you want listen to the ancient music (V - XV centuries) written in unique notes-khazis, in the oldest churches of the world? And feel the Armenian's soul reflected in the khachkars (cross stones). Enjoy watching the work of the craftsmen and admire their fancy-works.

You can attend cookery demonstrations and taste national dishes and bouquet of the wines and cognac. 
Attend to the marvellous concerts and performances of spiritual, folk, national, classic music and contemporary art in the concert halls, art galleries, museums and open-air fairs. The wealth of Armenia's history, culture and unspoiled nature will be introduced you. So come and experience the perfect harmony of nature, architecture and live culture. 
Join us on the road of excitement and discovery: 
    - The old and the new Yerevan - The atmosphere of the world known people - Paradjanov, Khachatryan, 
      Ayvazovsky, Saryan and many others
    - Haghpat Monastery - designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
    - The centre of the first official Christian church in the world - Etchmiadzin
    - The pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan 

    - The unique field of khachkars in Noraduz
    - The early Christian spiritual music, rituals, folk songs and dance 
      near the ancient fortresses, monasteries and temples
    - Garni pagan temple. The Geghard cave monastery
    - Diverse architectural monuments
    - Biblical Ararat mountain and Ararat Valley
    - Priceless historical and national treasures of museum collections
    - The art of craftsmen and their marvellous fancy-works
    - Tasty national dishes and bouquet of wine
    - Participation in the traditional rituals and ceremonies
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