- All-inclusive travel packages are included.
- The programs are designed to suit tourists who are visiting Armenia for 
  the first time and offer the concise picture of the country.
- Tailored tours are provided.
- For scientists, expeditions, or journalists a service tailored to their needs is offered.
- Tours are not planned strictly, giving the tour operator companies the 
  opportunity to fit the programmes into their schedules.

Group Size and Environment

Size of groups affects choice of accommodation and transport. All size groups are served in Armenia but the experience shows that for adventure trips small groups max 10-12 people, for camping groups 10-12 people, for trekking groups 18-22 people are preferable.


In Armenia different class hotels are provided from ** to *****.
There is a great number of very well B&B and guesthouses, which may suit to visitor's requirement. Most of these offer shared and individual WC and bathroom and accommodate groups of 4-12 people (single and double rooms).   

Full board and half board are offered. Throughout Armenia, with the exception of Yerevan, it is still relatively difficult and time-consuming for visitors to arrange their own meals. In Yerevan the best restaurants and cafes are offered.
Breakfast usually is provided in the hotels.
When travelling in countryside a picnic lunch is offered. In the mountains and on trekking tours dried and tinned food in combination with locally - bought fresh food and fruit are served.

Inland Transport
Depending on the size of groups different types of vehicles are provided.
For large groups air-conditioned buses (40-45 seats) are provided.
For groups of 10-16 persons middle buses are provided.
For smaller groups air conditioned minibuses are provided (3-9 seats).
To individual travellers cars (1-2persons) are offered.
In high mountain areas, where roads are in poor condition, less comfortable but more practical vehicles.
Depending on road conditions and weather, some programs may have another version of 
  transportation routes to destination.

Outfit and Equipment
For adventurous programmes camping and technical equipment are provided. Visitors have to bring their own clothing and footwear. Some trekking /climbing personal equipment is available (please contact for details with the tour company).

Airport & Airlines
Zvarnots international airport is a 15min. drive from Yerevan. The air companies - Armenian Airlines, British Airlines, Swissair, Austrian Airlines and Aeroflot.

All foreign visitors are required to get a visa. Armenian visas are issued in the Armenian embassies abroad, or at Armenian boarder (for 3 days with later extending).

Health and Insurance
Tourists are advised to make insurance arrangements in their countries. Medical facilities are excellent in Armenia.

The official language is Armenian. Most of the people also speak Russian and understand English. 

Local currency is Dram. The major foreign currencies can be easily exchanged through numerous exchange offices.

Armenia is situated in a subtropical climatic zone, boasting 300 days of sunshine a year. 
Summertime: May to October. The weather is warm and pleasant with an average temperature +25C.
Wintertime: Mid November to mid March. The weather is relatively cold with snow in the mountainous regions. The average temperature is -5C. Autumns are mild with long golden days. Best time to visit: from the beginning of April to the end of October. 

The quality of drinking water is excellent and tap water is safe throughout the country. 

Besides the tours mentioned beneath, you could order a tailored tour you have dreamt about.
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