Dear friends,

We are the Avarayr Tour Company and would like to introduce 
ourselves. Our company has been operating since 1994 and our 
aim is to represent Armenia worldwide, a country that you may not 
know, with its unique culture, ancient history and customs, unspoiled 
nature, original architecture and colorful fine arts. So, it is the time for exploring:

- new peaks, new tracks, new visions
- fascinating architecture and cultural sites
- unspoiled paths of wild nature
- the myths, legends and the wisdom of this sacred land
- one of the last remaining civilizations of ancient times
And finally, now is the chance to participate in national festivals among the historical sites. The company has developed a number of exciting tours - such as cultural (discovery, Silk Route), scientific (architectural, historical, ethnographical, archaeological), festival and especially adventure (trekking hiking, rock climbing, camping) package tour programs. Our programs are designed to give the visitor the complete picture of Armenia.

The service team includes competent English, French, German, Italian and Spanish speaking guide-interpreters, highly experienced professional instructors in hiking, alpine and rock climbing, as well as drivers, cooks and assistants. Many of them have been working with our company for many years, and we select them because of their conveying in good foreign language, their own sense of their country not just from a historical point of view but from a contemporary one. Come and enjoy:

- Unusual stone structures and exciting caves
- Aragats mountain (4095) with one of the largest craters in the world
- One of the world's oldest cities - Yerevan
- The first official Christian church in the world- Etchmiadzin
- One of the world's largest high altitude lake- Sevan
- Ancient observatory of Karahunge-5 mil. BC
- Biblical Ararat mountain and Ararat Valley
- Numerous ancient fortresses, monasteries and temples

We also organize customized excursions, seminars on archaeology, architecture, history and other programs for the needs of scientists, explores, study groups and expeditions. Avarayr has created some unique cultural events such as concerts of prominent Armenian musicians in museums and churches.
Avarayr provides all-inclusive travel packages offering the best available accommodation in any given area. Visitors have the option of staying in full service hotels, B&B accommodation or guesthouses. Full board catering and transportation (by bus, minibus or car, depending on the size of the group), as well as all necessary equipment for all kinds of tours from famous professional companies are also provided. 
The final key, we believe, is the size of the group - we work both with individuals and big groups. We will be happy to be your hosts and share the beauty of our country and people with you. When you make up your mind, we at Avarayr Tour Company are waiting for you with Armenian particular style of hospitality.

Join us and enrich your lives with new experience. Avarayr Tour Company is waiting for you.